Open Forum Meeting on Georges Pond Water Quality

The GPA Board hosted an open forum on July 7 to discuss the current algae bloom, remediation efforts, and next steps forward. 

Meeting Agenda and Outline

Meeting Notes

For Reference: East Pond Watershed Plan

The East Pond Watershed Plan is a good reference for Georges Pond property owners and the GPA Board as we continue to explore remediation options for the Pond.

This Plan has good information about the causes of algal blooms, the many potential remedies, the comprehensive plan the East Pond Associatin developed and action items each one of us can undertake to help Georges Pond.

Particularly useful sections of the Plan include:

  • Executive Summary (page 1)
  • Economic Impact (page 19)
  • Development (page 37)
  • Source and Explanation (pages 38-40)
  • Options to Control Algae (Appendix B)
  • FAQ Regarding Alum Treatment (Appendix D)

Download the East Pond Watershed Plan